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  • The Pre-licesening course( 5 Hour class) is a state mandatory in-classroom training, which will help students have a better understanding of the rules of the road. 
  • ​You must have a valid NY learners permit to attend the course.
  • Once completed, students will be able to schedule their road test with a certificate of completion. This certificate must be present at the time of your scheuduled road test.
Pre-Licesening Course(5 HR Class)
The Pre-Licensing Course is offered at :

  • Mondays 5PM-10PM
  • Wednesday 10AM-3PM
  • Saturday 10AM-3PM
  • Sunday 10AM-3PM
  • Tuesday: 4PM-9PM
  • Thursday: 4PM-9PM
Defensive Driving Course(6 HR Class)
  • The Defensive Driving Course (6 Hour Class) is designed for those who want to reduce points on their license or learners permit, and/or receive a discount on your auto insurance.
  • After Completing the course, you will be presented with a temporary certificate. Within 30 days, you should receive a certificate of completion by mail. If you do not receive your certificate within 30 days, please contact us.
  • You can use this certificate to:(1)receive 10% discount on your auto insurance every year for three years.(2)You may be able to reduce up to 4 points on your driving record. 
The Defensive Driving Course is offered at:

  • Wednesday 3PM-9PM
  • Sundays 2PM-8PM

  • Tuesday: 4PM-10PM
  • Thursday:4PM-10PM